Cool Robot Farmers

Love to see robots in new fields. I just stumbled onto Naïo Technologies manufactures agribots for vegetable farms to help with weeding.

The Naïo robots use lasers and camera guidance to move autonomously between rows and can recognize different types of plants to identify weeds.

The company first started marketing its robots in 2015 and plans to double its sales in 2016. It received the 2015 Mechatronics Award for the most promising start-up, as well as the Special Jury Award at the French Collaborative Robotics Contest 2015 and, recently, the CleanTech Republic Award during the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, according to a statement.

Another cool company Blue River robots also perform weeding as well as spraying and thinning and have primarily targeted Californian lettuce farms so far with plans to expand into other vegetable crops.

it super cool and refreshing to see a startup building machinery for execution in the field in contrast to the large number of data-driven applications for agriculture, which are popping up in the startup community.

Can’t wait to see what drones are going to bring to the table.




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