New Course: Agile Product Owner(ship) – From Beginner to Professional

Agile product owners are critical to every agile team’s success and it just might be the toughest role on the team. If your Agile projects result in valuable products quickly, you likely have a high performing product owner on the team. If not, it might be time to examine how product ownership can be the key to creating better Agile results.

In this course we will focus on the essential role of an Agile product owner. Product owners determine precisely what gets built and in what order. They have a ruthless focus on value and with great product owners, Agile teams create inspiring products that customers love.

In this course, you will learn how exceptional product ownership can help organizations reach their full potential with Agile. Encouraging both business and technical teams to come together as one to deliver value. We’ll also examine a product owner’s key responsibilities, how they collaborate with others, and what a typical day looks like. Are you ready to start creating better products? Here are some of the topics we will cover

Product Owner 101
Where Do Product Owner S Come From
How To Be A Successful Product Owner
Product Owner Collaborations
Team Product Ownership
Product Vision
Product Roadmap
Product Value And Risk
Minimum Viable Product 101
Product Backlog
Agile Planning
Agile Release Plans
Prototyping And A B Testing
Grouping User Stories Into Epics Features And Themes
Backlog Grooming
Whats Your Day Look Like
Key Competencies You Will Need
Avoiding Agile Pitfalls

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