New Course – Node.js: The Essentials + API Frameworks Express KOA Sails

In the Course I review how Node.js, a lightweight and efficient platform for building network apps. In this course Luke Angel Leads you down the path to get your first pieces of code and understand the frameworks available for the platform, including options such as Express, Sails, and Koa. We will learn how promises  and generators helps solve callback hell are and how to create both of them. We will then dive into some New Features in node and ES 2016 . All this information is bundled into a small user authentication API Alexander creates along the way, which can be used as the stepping stone for the next full-scale app you build with Node.js.Topics include:

  • Installing Node.js
  • Understanding the benefits of JavaScript
  • Writing modules and packages
  • Reading and writing files
  • Working with frameworks: Express, Sails, and Koa
  • Generating promises
  • Working with generator function


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